the personal development of alkemann

Api Generator

this project can be used to generate an api from doc blocs


This is the start of a community effort to build the next generation application for


A cache console shell wrapped up in a plugin, for all your cache console-ing needs.


This project was created for


Simple CakePHP calendaring plugin I decided to Open Source, because it's already there. Do not use it yet, it needs work.

CakeFest Berlin 2009 Workshop

CakeFest Berlin 2009 Workshop


A utility plugin for use with any editor. Provides various functions for navigation, documentation and testing from within your editor. All that's needed is for your editor to make a call to the console, and understand the response. For textmate users, this project extends the CakePHP TextMate bundle, which can be found on The Chaw: The textmate-specific functionality is designed to work in conjunction with the Textmate bundle, and *will not* work standalone.


the TextMate bundle for CakePHP


candycane is a ticket tracking system on CakePHP. This is porting from redmine on ruby on rails.


source code and project management application powering


the lithified version of chaw


A simple Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) using the CakePHP framework and MySQL.

Debug Kit

The CakePHP debug kit plugin.

Dreamhost Control Panel

Dreamhost control panel plugin utilizing the new dreamhost api


a photo gallery


Insyde BIOS decoder


CakePHP based modular project management software for firms, their teams and their clients. Supports firms, developers, (sub)clients, (sub)projects. Features file management, tagging, versioned tickets, wiki, timeclocks, SVN/GIT, admin logging, plug-ins, IM/inboxes.


Mi Is a collection of projects built on the CakePHP ( framework. The goal of Mi Project is to reduce reinventing the wheel to a minimum. Each Mi Project uses the Mi-Base (sub)project to inherit robust base functionality on which to build an application without worrying about such common tasks as user setup and auth(entication|orization).

Mobile Developer Challenge

A collection of basic applications developed for a variety of mobile platforms.

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