##Setup To start working with Chaw, you need to have ssh access setup. This guide is still a work in progress. ###ssh access first start by setting up your own public/private key pair set. This can use either dsa or rsa, so basically any key you setup will work. On most systems you can use ssh-keygen. But first you want to make sure you are cd into your .ssh directory. Open up the terminal and run ```cd ~/.ssh && ssh-keygen``` __next__ you need to copy this to your clipboard. - on OSX run - ```cat id_rsa.pub | pbcopy``` - on Linux run - ```cat id_rsa.pub | xclip``` __next__ add your key to [wiki:/users/account your account] __finally__ if you are using git, setup your git config ```git config --global user.name "bob" ``` ```git config --global user.email bob@... ``` (don't forget to restart your command line to make sure the config is reloaded) Thats it you should be good to clone and checkout.